Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 29th: On This Date In History

On This Day In History:  December 29th

 Famous Births:

A few notable people who were born on this date include:

Empress Elizabeth of Russia, born 29 Dec 1709
Andrew Johnson, 17th U.S. President; born 29 Dec 1808
Mary Tyler Moore, American Actress; born 29 Dec 1936
Jon Voight, American Actor; born 29 Dec 1938

Historical Events:

A few things that happened in history on this date are:

29 Dec 1170 – Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury was assassinated in England.
29 Dec 1778 – British soldiers captured Savannah, Georgia during the American Revolutionary War
29 Dec 1813 - British soldiers burned Buffalo, New York, War of 1812
29 Dec 1851 - First American YMCA opened in Boston, Massachusetts
29 Dec 1966- The Beatles began recording Penny Lane at Abbey Road Studio

Family Births In My Tree:

Some of the ancestors in my tree who were born on December 29th include:

Henry St. George Tucker , born 29 Dec 1780, Williamsburg, Virginia (my paternal 2nd cousin, 6x removed)

Henry Harding, born 29 Dec 1723, Bucks County, Pennsylvania (my paternal 5x-great-uncle)

Mary Lavinia Crider, born 29 Dec 1835, Caldwell County, Kentucky (my maternal 2nd cousin, 3x removed)

Tyre Newton Harrison, born 29 Dec 1875, Marion County, Missouri (my paternal 2nd cousin, 2x removed)

Daniel Luten Baldridge, born 29 Dec 1872, Fulton County, Kentucky (my maternal 1st cousin , 3x removed)

Margaret Lunsford, born 29 Dec 1596, Sussex, England (my paternal 10x-great-aunt)

Family Marriages In My Tree:
Some of the ancestors in my tree who married on the 29th of December include:

Wyatt Wallace to Elizabeth “Bettie” Crider, 29 Dec 1823, Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  (She was my maternal 1st cousin, 4x removed)

Thomas A Hudspeth to Martha “Patsy” Brooks, 29 Dec 1831, Maury County, Tennessee.  (He was my maternal 3x-great-uncle)

George G. Thornton to Nancy Isaacs, 29 Dec 1831, Washington County, Kentucky.  (He was my maternal 3x-great-uncle)

William Cecil Kelly to Lucretia “Creasy” Fore, 29 Dec 1885, Rolla, Phelps County, Missouri.  (She was my paternal 2x-great-aunt)

Raymond Huskey to Cyntha Brown, 29 Dec 1924, Phelps County, Missouri.
 (He was my paternal 2nd cousin, 1x removed)

George Thomas Berger to Augusta M. Adkins, 29 Dec 1935, Pittsylvania County, Virginia. (He was my 5th cousin, 1x removed)

Family Deaths In My Tree:

Some of the ancestors in my tree who passed away on December 29th include:

William L. Crider, died 29 Dec 1941, McLennan County, Texas. (He was my maternal 1st cousin, 3x removed)

Minnie May Huskey Black, died 29 Dec 1971, Phelps County, Missouri. (She was my paternal 2nd cousin, 2x removed)

Anna Groff Kreider, died 29 Dec 1784, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. (She was the wife of my maternal 6th great-uncle)

William Calthorpe, died 20 Dec 1420, Norfolk, England. (He was my paternal 25th great-grandfather)