Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Hallie Crider , 1889- 1892 , Gibson County, Tennessee

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Hallie Crider 1889- 1892.
Antioch Cemetery, Gibson County, Tennessee

Photo obtained by Mary Ann, who goes by Ties That Bind on Find A Grave (and who granted permission for use of the photo).

Tombstone Tuesday:  Hallie Crider died before reaching her 4th birthday. She was the daughter of James Winslow Crider and Anna Reed Crider. Nothing is known about the circumstances of her death. She was my 2nd cousin, twice removed.  Her great-grandparents George Crider and Frances Bennett Crider were also my 3x-great-grandparents.  I try to memorialize the gravesites of children in my extended family tree whenever the graves are located.  Rest In Peace, little angel Hallie. 
The above photo of Hallie was posted to Find A Grave by Donna Pinion Casey. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, # 1 and #2 -James Winslow Crider and Anna Reed Crider

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James Winslow Crider and his wife Anna Reed (Crider) are buried at Antioch Cemetery in Gibson County, Tennessee.  The above photo was contributed by Mary Ann, who works as a volunteer under the pseudonym of Ties That Bind on the Find A Grave website.  She gave permission for use of her cemetery photos in this blog post. 

J W Crider was the son of Thomas Bennett Crider and Nancy Ward (Crider). His grandparents were George Crider and Frances Bennett (Crider), who were also my 3x-great-grandparents. He was born in Gibson County, Tennessee on 9 Aug 1851, and lived there his entire life until his death 18 Dec 1924. In 1888 he married Anna Reed. Sources indicate they had at least 3 children, two of whom died in early childhood. Their daughter Hallie was born in 1889 and died in 1892, at age 3.  She has a headstone in Antioch Cemetery near her parents. I have posted a photo of her headstone and a short article about her on this blog under the heading of Tombstone Tuesday (to appear as of Jan 14, 2014).  J W and Anna crider also had an infant, Ruth, who is reported to have died the same day she was born 1891 (possible miscarriage or stillbirth?).  It is not known, at the time of this blog post, where the infant Ruth is buried, but in all probability she is also at Antioch Cemetery. Their next child, Emogene Anita Crider, not only survived to adulthood but married twice, and lived to the ripe old age of 90.  

J W's wife Anna survived him by 13 years, passing away in 1937 in Gibson County, Tennessee. Information she reported on the 1920 Census record indicates her mother and father were both born in Tennessee. Her parents names may have been Henry W Reed and his wife, Rebecca. 
The above photo said to be of J W Crider, his wife Nancy and their daughter Emogene Anita Crider;  was posted to the Marachel Family Tree (a public tree) on Ancestry.com. No source information is provided for the photo. 

James Winslow Crider was my first cousin, 3 times removed, according to the relationship calculator on Ancestry.com.  As stated above, we share ancestry/descent from George Crider and Frances Bennett Crider. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WEDDING WEDNESDAY: Marriage Bond of William Thomas "Billy" Clark and Lucinda "Polly" Osborne

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Above is a copy of the Marriage Bond of my ancestors William Thomas "Billy" Clark (1808- 1868) and Lucinda "Polly" Osborne (1813- 1893) . The Bond is dated 17 July 1828, in Maury County, Tennessee. They were my maternal 3x-great-grandparents.  Their son was William Calvin Clark, my 2x-great-grandfather (he married Harriet Gray). 

Billy Clark and Polly Osborne Clark moved from Tennessee to Kentucky about 1840, where they raised their family of at least 13 children. Billy's brother James Wardlow Clark married Harriet Gore (descendant of Revolutionary War Patriot Notley Gore). 

William Thomas "Billy" Clark died in 1868 in Kentucky, and is buried at Harmony United Methodist Church Cemetery in Hickman County, Kentucky.  His widow Lucinda "Polly" Osborne Clark outlived him by more than 2 decades.   It is assumed that Polly is buried Farmington, Graves County, Kentucky where she was living in her son William Calvin Clark's household when she died in 1893. 

I am their direct descendant through my mother's Crider-Allen-Clark-Osborne lineage. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

TOMBSTONE TUESDAY: William Calvin Clark and Nancy Jane Hale Clark, Graves County, Kentucky

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Tombstone of William Calvin Clark (1833- 1900) and his 2nd wife, Nancy Jane Hale Clark (1844- 1947). They are buried at Farmington Cemetery in Farmington, Graves County, Kentucky.  Photo Credit:  The above image was added to the Find A Grave website by Craig Thweatt on 7/3/2010. (The surname "CLARK" is carved on the very top of the tombstone, but is not very visible in this photo).

William Calvin Clark was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Confederate Army, Kentucky Cavalry, Civil War. He also served for a time with the 28th Consolidated Tennessee Infantry, Company G.  His widow's Confederate Widow's Pension file is available through the Tennessee State Library Archives.  His first wife was Harriet Angeline Gray (these were my maternal 2x-great-grandparents). His first marriage to Harriet was said  to have "parted gracefully" after the birth of 4 children together:  Lucy Frances "Fanny" Clark (my great-grandmother), Calvin Beauregard "Bud" Clark, Aisilee Clark, and Joe Cephus Clark.  He went on to have at least 8 children with his next wife Nancy, whom he apparently met during the Civil War in Lawrence County, Tennessee.  (A separate blog post will explore the known details of his military exploits during the Civil War). 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Matrilineal Monday; Our Female Ancestors' Stories: SABRA "SABY" STOGSDILL FORE

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Sabra Catherine Stogsdill was my 2x-great-grandmother, through my paternal grandmother Susannah Allen Harrison's Allen-Fore-Stogsdill line. Sabra's nickname was "Saby".  She was born 29 September 1822 in Pulaski County, Kentucky. She married Benjamin Fore Sr. on 1 August 1842 in Somerset, Pulaski County, Kentucky. Her parents were Daniel Stogsdill and Sarah Hargis. She died 16 March 1912 In Phelps County, Missouri.  She is buried at the Jackson Cemetery in Phelps County.  Her Find A Grave Memorial page number is 30392163.
The above photo depicts Sabra Stogsdill Fore, center, with her daughters Mary Ann "Polly" Fore on the left and Lucretia "Creasey" Fore Kelly on the right. This image was published in a Phelps County Genealogical Society Quarterly magazine. It was provided to the Society by a descendant, possibly Garrett Gabel. 

There is a discrepancy I have noted concerning Sabra Stogsdill Fore's actual date of birth, date of death, and age at death. The headstone inscription, the Find A Grave memorial page, and the official state death records do not match (as they currently read at the time of this article). Her State of Missouri Death Certificate indicates her birth date as 29 Sept 1822; and her death date as 16 March 1912.  The Find A Grave Memorial page that someone created for her, currently gives the birth year as 1828, and the photo of the headstone posted there appears to indicate 1829 as the year of birth. The official Death Certificate indicates her age at death as 89 years, 6 months, 17 days. I am inclined to believe the Death Certificate is the more reliable source of information, as the section of the headstone monument that bears the inscription appears to be far newer than 1912 and placed some years after Sabra's death. Cause of death listed on the Death Certificate is "senility".

Sabra married at about age 19 and become a first-time mother the following year. Her first 2 children were born in Pulaski County, Kentucky in 1843 and 1844. Then, she and her husband Ben Fore Sr and family moved to Phelps County, Missouri around 1845, with assorted kin and neighbors among the group migrating into Missouri.  Sabra "Saby" Stogsdill and Benjamin Fore Sr. were the parents of at least 9 children, including my great-grandmother Catherine Ellen Fore (1843- 1900) who married Valentine Allen.  Their other children included Harriet Jane Fore (1844- 1930), Benjamin "Ben" Fore Jr (about 1845 -   ), Polly Ann Fore (1847- 1915), William Harrison Fore (1848- 1916), Milford E Fore (1852- 1871), Lucretia "Creasey" Fore (1853- 1918), James Franklin Fore (1859- 1933), and Amanda "Mandy" Tebie Fore (1862- 1947).  

It is noted that Sabra and Benjamin's daughter, Lucretia, was named after Benjamin's mother Lucretia "Creasey" Umfleet, who married John Fore. 

An interesting fact about this line is that Benjamin Fore Sr's sister, Sarah Fore, married Singleton Earp, from a branch of the famed Wild West Lawman- Wyatt Earp's family. I have previously written a separate article and blog post about that family connection. So, that makes Sabra Stogsdill Fore an in-law of the Earp family, and Sabra and Benjamin's descendants are distant kin to Wyatt Earp. 

Not a lot else is known about Sabra's life, other than that she was a sturdy pioneer woman who bore a lot of children and lived to a relatively ripe old age.