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My Fore- Stogsdill - Hargis - Earp Clan: How I Am (Somewhat) Connected to Wyatt Earp

My Stogsdill- Hargis- Earp connections

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15 Apr 2011 by HopelesslyHookedGeneaInAZ

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How I Am Connected to Wyatt Earp, Wild West Lawman

1) I am not a direct bloodline descendant of Wyatt Earp.   However, the records reflect that some of his known kin inter-married with some of my known kin. Following is an explanation of  how some of my family surnames connect to the Earp surname. Two of the connections involve two different men by the name of Singleton Earp who are kin of Wyatt Earp, one born in 1802 and the other born in 1824. Note, there are 3 different Singleton Earps in my tree, so this gets confusing :

2)  My ancestry has Earp connections through marriage between my Stogsdill-Hargis line to the Earps, (William Bluford  "Bufe" STOGSDILL married to Polly Ann Earp) as well as  through Sarah FORE who married the Singleton Earp born 1824.

 *Notation added December 31, 2015:  Ancestry dot com's relationship calculator indicates my distant kinship to Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp through the first of the above couples is as follows: he is the 2nd cousin 1x removed of the wife (Polly Ann Earp) of my 3rd great-uncle (William Bluford "Bufe" Stogsdill). 

3) Sarah Fore was a sister of my 2nd-great-grandfather Benjamin Fore. Sarah Fore was born about 1829 in Pulaksi County, Kentucky, and was the daughter of my 3rd-great-grandparents. John Fore born about 1794 in North Carolina or Virginia, and Lucretia “Creasy” Umfleet born about 1795 in Kentucky. Sarah Fore married Singleton Earp, who was born about 1824 in Pulaski County, Kentucky.  This Singleton Earp was the son of Phillip Hawker Earp born 1795in Virginia, and his first wife Sarah Stogsdill born about 1800 in North Carolina and who died about 1831 in Pulaski County, Kentucky.    Phillip Hawker Earp’s parents were Josiah Earp born 1761 in Maryland, married to Eleanor Hawker born about 1765 in Maryland. Josiah Earp was a brother of Phillip Earp born 1755 in Maryland, who was the great-grandfather of Wyatt Earp.

Headstone of Sarah Fore Earp
 Trout Cemetery, Phelps County, Missouri

(My Paternal 3rd-Great-Aunt)
Photo by Carol Kelley, Find A Grave Contributor

 4) I am connected to this same line in yet another way. The other  Singleton Earp (born 1802 in North Carolina) married Rebecca Herrin (born about 1800 in Pulaski County, Kentucky).  Singleton Earp born 1802 was also the son of the above-referenced Josiah Earp b. 1761 in Maryland, which makes this Singleton Earp a brother to the above-referenced Phillip Hawker Earp born 1795. Both Josiah Earp and Phillip Hawker Earp were sons of William Harp Earp b. 1720 in Maryland & his wife Priscilla Nicholas born about 1728 in Maryland.  Singleton Earp born 1802 was the father of Polly Ann Earp born 1828 in Pulaski, Kentucky who married William Bluford “Bufe” Stogsdill. Their marriage took place in Kentucky some time around 1845.  The Stogsdill extended family group moved to Phelps County, Missouri via covered wagon circa 1852 with various Stogsdill and Hargis kin.  William “Bufe” Stogsdill was my 2nd-great-grand-uncle, a  son of my 2nd great-grandparents Daniel Stogsdill and Sarah Hargis, and brother to my great-grandmother Sabra “Sabie” Stogsdill whomarried Benjamin Fore.  As stated above (see paragraph 3), Benjamin Fore’s sister was Sara Fore who married the Singleton Earp born in 1824, who is related to the great-grandfather of Wyatt Earp .

As you perhaps already know the Wyatt Earp descendancy lineage goes something like this. William Harp/ Earp  b. 1729 married to  Priscilla Nicholas,their son Philip Harp/ Earp  b. 1755 married to  Sara Vaugh,their son Walter Earp b. 1787 married to  Martha Ann Early,their son Nicholas Porter Earp B 1813 married to Virginia Ann Cooksey (had  other wives),their son Wyatt Earp b. 1848 in Illinois becomes the now famous Wild West Lawman, Wyatt Earp of Tombstone, Arizona.  

* By the way, Wyatt Earp had no known children so there are no known direct descendants

Written by:  Beverly Harrison (The Hopelessly Hooked Genealogist)