Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Eliza Melinda Harrison (Jones) (Brinegar)

Eliza Melinda Harrison was born the daughter of William Harrison and Nancy Shepherd (Harrison) of Maries County, Missouri. She was the sister of my great-grandfather John Milton Harrison. 

When Eliza Melinda Harrison was born on October 8, 1848, in Maries County, Missouri; her father William was 40 and her mother Nancy was 33. She had one son and three daughters with George Washington Jones between 1868 and 1873. Her first husband passed away in 1909.  Her 2nd husband was Captain John Thomas Brinnegar.  Eliza died on July 10, 1930, in Phelps County, Missouri, at the age of 81. She is buried at the St. James Cemetery in Phelps County, also known as the Old Masonic Cemetery. 

Eliza's funeral was held on July 12th, 1930.  Her direct descendant, my 4th cousin Linda Bland, has provided the following documentation and photos, and permission to use them in this blog post. Ms. Bland is now the owner of the home her ancestors Eliza and "Wash" Jones built in Phelps County, Missouri, and is in the process of completing renovations and restorations on the historic home.  A future blog post will detail the house-history of the property, with before and after photos of the restoration. 
Proclamation by the Mayor of St. James, Missouri
On the Day of Eliza's Funeral
July 12th, 1930

Eliza and her horse Digger

Eliza and her parrot

Eliza Melinda Harrison Jones

Eliza and George Washington Jones' home
Phelps County, Missouri
Circa 1910